Lactacyd Baby Liquid Powder Review

By Joarra Galang-Solis of Rookie Mommy PH

Arya and I are a huge fan of Lactacyd baby products. I remember the day when Arya had her first bath at the hospital and the nurse who was giving her a bath was using Lactacyd baby wash. We never changed.

So, about 3 weeks ago I went to an event and got this new Lactacyd Baby Liquid Moisturizing Powder. I honestly never heard of liquid powders until that day and I was so excited to try it out with Arya.

Initially, when you open and squeeze the bottle, you will notice that the cream is really thick.

I usually start by putting the cream on my palms before lathering it to Arya’s skin. I like putting the cream on her neck, back, and toes - simply because these areas of her are the ones I like smelling more. *giggles

You will also notice that it is a bit difficult to spread evenly the cream to a thin layer. But, once you spread it out, you’ll be surprised how fast it is quickly absorbed by the skin!

Directions for use as per the bottle:
Apply on dry skin
Rub gently on baby’s skin and spread evenly. Allow product to dry.
Re-apply as needed during the day. For external use only.

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature storage areas

Smells super nice! And long lasting!
Pedia-approved and recommended brand
OK to use for babies with sensitive skin
Has Zinc Oxide that gives rash and sweat protection

It leaves a sticky feeling. That’s why I like putting this on Arya when it's bedtime and aircon time.

Overall Experience:
I’m giving this 4 stars! Lactacyd Baby Liquid Powder is definitely a mom-must-have item. However, I honestly think that the product could improve more. Philippine weather isn’t really lotion-friendly that’s why we only use this at night or whenever we turn on the aircon after her bath time. As for the price, I am still unsure but this will probably retails less than P300.00  for a 120 ml bottle.

About the Author: 
Joarra is a rookie mommy to a baby girl named Arya. Her blog, shares her early motherhood journey as well as helpful tips and cheat sheets on how to be a rookie mom. She also started a new Facebook community called, First Time Moms PH - a community which aims to be the go-to source and support group for rookie moms.


  1. I just heard about this today, someone recommended it to me because my baby has prickly heat rash on her neck, nape, entire chest and tummy, and a little on her upper back. Is this to be used as a regular lotion or just to be applied specifically to the areas with rashes? Thanks!

  2. Can i ask if where can i buy this product? I tried to look it to mercury drugs and watsons,but they don't have this one.thanks mom!

  3. Hi Ivy! You may purchase it online via Lazada. :)

  4. Hi MV! Try it first before spreading all over most especially if your child's skin is sensitive. If your baby has rashes, it would be better to consult a pedia first before applying anything. :)

  5. Hi Mommies, you can use this everyday for the whole body. Actually my babies and I have been using this for months now.


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