Celebrating Play with Discovery Depot

By Dette Zulueta

With the onset of technology, I rarely see kids who do real play. Often times, I see kids on their tablets or mobile phones playing some apps.

I feel  sad about this because I know what real play and I experienced it when I was still a child. Thus, as a new mom, I made it to a point to give toys to my baby and my inaanaks to facilitate real play.

However, finding good quality toys is also a struggle. I am constantly in the look our for stores and brands who would offer quality educational toys.

Luckily, I found out about Discovery Depot. Their battle cry, Celebrate Play, strucked me. It is what I want parents and children to precisely do. It is want I personally want to practice with my own baby.

Discovery Depot provides safe, educational toys which are well made and sustainably produced that engage a child's sensory-motor, cognitive, and social-emotional skills at every stage of their developmental from 0 to 12 years old.

While browsing their online store, I immediately noticed that they advocate Developmentally Appropriate Practice as they sell toys that are age appropriate. One can simply choose the age of their child and they suggest toys that are best for that particular age.

They also sell a wide array of toys from internationally awarded brands such as: Wonderworld Wooden Toys, SAFSOF Active Play Toys, Red Toolbox, Viga Wooden Toys, and Artec Playbooks and Blocks.

Below are some testimonials from those who have tried the Discovery Depot toys:

"I am happy to see children who are still doing real play. Love how serious and focused my niece Gabby is when playing with her Artec Math Cubes." - Tita Madelaine
"8 month milestone: grasping - achieved! Good thing this Viga Flat Puzzle has wooden knobs that make it is for Bella to hold and grasp it." - Mommy Dette
"My kids, Matty and Maris enjoyed playing the Artec blocks. But what made them enjoy it the most is the fact that they are building sea animals. It’s a great educational toy that enhances their critical thinking and imagination." - Mommy Marielle
Should you wish to check out Discovery Depot, you may visit www.discoverydepot.com. Discovery Depot Toys are also available in selected toy stores in Metro Manila (Rustan's Department Store, Hobbes and Landes, Babyland, Toytown, Mindwerx, Fullybooked).

Together, let's #CelebratePlay!!!

About the Author:  
Dette Zulueta is a mom to a chinita #babyZ and wife to Geoff. 
She advocates the celebration of love, life and the family. 

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